Creative Therapy For Kids

Counselling & Play Therapy

Emilie Loiseau

BAppSocSc(Couns), Post-Grad. Cert. Art and Play Therapy, Post-Grad. Cert. Narrative therapy, Level 1 in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Trauma-informed practitioner & Certified AutPlay® Therapy provider. Member of ACA & PTPA.

Emilie is a Registered Counsellor and Registered Play Therapist  who specialised in working with children, young people and their families. Her approach is non-pathologising, strength-based  in nature and tailored to her clients' needs and developmental level. Emilie combines play therapy and narrative therapy principles which allows her to work with a wide range of presenting issues while providing support to children in a way that is engaging for them.

About Play Therapy

Play therapy is an approach which uses play and other creative methods, such as drawing, painting and sandplay, to work therapeutically with children. Just like adults, children can experience traumatic events and stresses in their lives . Due to their level of development, children do not always have the words to express their experiences or things that worry them. Play is the natural way for children to communicate.  provides a safe and supportive environment which helps children share their story, explore their feelings and behaviours, problem-solve and build self-esteem. Within this setting, children can work through difficult emotions, grow, and learn about themselves and their relationships with others.

About Narrative Therapy

Throughout life, personal experiences become personal stories. People give these stories meaning, and the stories help shape a person’s identity. Narrative therapy is a respectful and collaborative method of therapy which looks at the story people carry about themselves and the world around them. The goal is to uncover opportunities for growth and development, find meaning, and gain insight. It encourages people to develop empowering stories about themselves and rely on their own skills to minimise the influence of problems that exist in their lives. In her practice of narrative therapy with children, Emilie uses externalizing language which separates children from their problems and allows a lighthearted approach to what is usually considered serious business. Playfulness enters into therapy when we narrate the relationship between a child and a problem. When adults and children collaborate actively play is a mutual friend. It inspires children to bring their resources to bear on problems and make their own unique contributions to therapy. Playful approaches in narrative therapy direct the focus away from the child as a problem and onto the child-problem relationship in a way that is meaningful for adults as well as intriguing, non-blaming or boring, for children.

About Autplay®Therapy

AutPlay® Therapy is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr Robert Jason Grant, for children and young people aged 3-18 years, who may be impacted by Autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysregulation issues and other Neurodevelopmental disorders. This approach integrates play therapy and behavioural therapy models, along with relationship development approaches, to assist children and young people to increase skill sets and abilities in areas of emotional regulation, social functioning, and relationship connection . The program is a combination of therapist led and parent led, it values parents as being co-change agents and empowers parents by teaching them how to implement the strategies and interventions into the home environment.

AutPlay Therapy has shown effective treatment outcomes in several areas such as; Improving Social Skills and Functioning, Improving Relationship Development and Connection, Reducing Anxiety Levels, Improved Sensory Processing Challenges, Increasing concentration, focus and attention, Reducing Unwanted Behaviours and Improving Parent/Child relationship.